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It is perceived on the basis of past experience and present secenario, the trade of marketing shall remain a major force in the Pakistani Industrial Sectors. After globalisation of Pakistani Economy resulting in more imports, this idea of trade, i.e. Marketing Agents has gained momentum because of stiff competition due to entry of multinationals in domestic market.

The trade of marketing may take different look depending upon the situation but cannot be extinct. As of now, the area of such trade has extended further. And it has already written a new chapter in the Pakistani Industrial Scenario.

It is foreseen that the trade of marketing shall never die in Pakistani Industrial Sectors. These days, each & every domestic & international manufacturer looks forward to have a good & potential marketing agent for their products. Hence, the trade of marketing shall remain the backbone of Pakistani Industrial Sectors in all times to come.

YAKSR had a wide distribution network that spans across the whole of Pakistan and is armed with the latest infrastructure backed by trained manpower for providing quality services to its customers. The company has offices at strategic locations to maintain and coordinate its activities in an effective manner.